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Services for
Social Service Agencies

Housing First Assistance:

HomeBase understands that Housing First and Harm Reduction translates into a lot of heavy lifting for social service providers. We understand how high caseloads and set office hours sometimes limit the ability of case managers and social workers to provide the level of service their clients and landlords demand. It takes a community to end homelessness, and HomeBase fills in while social service agency partners are out serving other clients. Using portals accessible 24 hours a day, social service agencies can log in and see their clients’ monthly property inspection results, as well as the weekly case notes from the HomeBase housing specialist. They can relax knowing that HomeBase will professionally handle any after-hours events until the case manager or social worker has returned to their shift.

HomeBase understands social service providers spend many exhaustive hours applying for housing. We remove the housing search effort for them, thus freeing up their time to serve their clients’ other needs such as stabilizing clients in their housing. We are happy to do the legwork so social service providers can finally focus solely on the supportive aspects of housing instead of the housing itself.

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