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Services for Residents

Rapid Housing

HomeBase understands how hard it can be to find housing opportunities when a client is just getting back onto their feet and needs a chance. We understand that multiple rejected applications are expensive and disheartening–not to mention the impact of prolonged homelessness. HomeBase removes the landlord application process and provides the client the competitive edge needed to access housing in tight rental markets. HomeBase provides leases identical to non-supportive housing tenants in a range of rates to suit client needs.

Food Insecurity

HomeBase gets it! Getting back on one’s feet is hard. Housing is an important first step, but sometimes it can feel like digging oneself out of a hole. We don’t believe it is fair to choose between paying the rent or feeding the family. That is why we have partnered with Second Harvest to ensure clients have plenty to eat as they rebuild their lives and start over.

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