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Services for Landlords

Guaranteed Rent

Under our master leasing model, HomeBase is the tenant and subleases units to our clients. We pay the rent on time and directly to property owners. No need to worry about or spend time collecting rent from tenants. HomeBase guarantees the rent each month during the lease term.

Guaranteed Damage Repairs

HomeBase will repair any damage caused by our program participants who sublease the units.

Screened Tenants

We conduct background checks, and program participants must meet our tenant selection criteria before receiving approval to reside in our master leased units.

Minimum Lease of One Year

Most programs are funded under one-year contracts, allowing HomeBase to master lease for the same period of time. In needed cases, renewals will be granted, allowing us to continue leasing the unit.

No Marketing Costs

With HomeBase as the direct tenant paying regular monthly rent, there is no need to market the unit.

24/7 Support

HomeBase understands that being a landlord is a nonstop responsibility. We respond live 24/7 so they can relax knowing situations are handled. We upload all calls, property walk-throughs and other information related to the property into a portal so landlords can see that their property is protected and even find out how well the family is doing. HomeBase meets with vendors and officials when needed.

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