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About HomeBase

A Mission with Purpose and Drive

John Robertson assisted an agency in California with the development of the landlord relationships portion of their master leasing program and served as a property manager of their master leased units. Over 350 families and individuals experiencing homelessness were housed in the years that followed. John also led the master lease pilot in 2017-2019 in Minnesota and 80% of the veterans who participated remained housed at the close of the pilot. One veteran became a homeowner. The remaining 20% were transitioned into housing suitable to their specific needs.

Most housing programs are developed with an emphasis on the homeless clients’ needs, but master leasing is also geared toward the needs of landlords and social service agency providers. This triple-aim approach helps homelessness clients who have had difficulty finding welcoming landlords in tight housing markets while better supporting landlords and agencies in their efforts to end homelessness.

Our Team

John Robertson

Executive Director/Founder/Board Secretary

Tommy Johnson

Director of Property Management/Interim President

Angela Bennet

Director of Operations/Board Member

Charles LeTourneau

Board Member

Doran Hocker

Board Member

Pat Longs

Board Member

Thanks to master leasing I was able to get reestablished. Thanks for helping out a vet!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    – Wallace W


John Robertson and the master lease program were instrumental in my journey out of veteran homelessness.

– Orvin Thompson
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